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Dedicated Genre Expertise: Specializing exclusively in hybrid casual games to provide unparalleled insights and support.

Innovative Free-to-Play Models: Pioneering new ways to enhance player experience while maximizing revenue in free-to-play models.

Tailored Developer Support: Offering specific tools, resources, and guidance to help developers succeed in this niche.

Commitment to Community Building: Actively fostering player communities to ensure long-term engagement and success.

About Us

Elevating to New Heights

Guided Iterations: Utilize our data-driven insights for targeted game improvements, ensuring optimal player engagement.

Expert Collaboration: We match your team with top game designers, working together as one unit to elevate your game’s design and playability

Comprehensive Testing: Utilize creative assets from both sides to explore your game's full potential across multiple channels

Clear Profit Sharing: Enjoy a transparent and equitable revenue-sharing model, fostering a trustworthy and profitable partnership.

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Fusion of Talents

Strategic Positioning: We’re strategically based in the USA and China to ensure a seamless integration of Western and Eastern gaming markets.

Data-Driven Decisions: Years of experience in data analysis empower us to make informed choices that drive game success.

Results-Oriented: Our practical approach translates into tangible results, making the most out of every gaming venture.

Passion for Gaming: At our core, we are gamers passionate about bringing phenomenal gaming experiences to players worldwide.

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